iLOQ NFC Padlock With 8mm Shackle


The iLOQ S50 is a patented and award-winning locking system that offers advanced security and easy access through mobile network. The iLOQ H50S padlock gets the energy it needs wirelessly through the mobile phone's NFC. This means that the mobile phone does not just become a key but also a power source as the padlocks are completely without batteries. Padlocks are maintenance-free and an environmentally friendly solution that reduces labor, costs and waste compared to a battery-powered solution. The padlocks have no key holes as they are contactlessly powered via the mobile phone's NFC. They are designed to withstand tough environments there The padlocks are exposed to dust, moisture and varying temperature conditions from extremely cold to hot weather. Using the mobile phone as a key allows wireless flexible management of permissions with time constraints and logs in real time. The level of security is kept high throughout the life of the locking system. Problems with lost keys are completely eliminated expensive padlock and key changes.

Brief on H50S.3

  • Programmable electromechanical padlock for iLOQ S50 lock system
  • Available in three different shackle heights (25mm / 60mm / 110mm)
  • NFC: No batteries required for Padlocks
  • Opens with NFC equipped Android phone, iPhone 7 or later (iOS13) or iLOQ K50S (Fob)
  • Secured with powerful AES256 encryption and two-way authentication
  • The cylinder is commissioned with an internet-connected PC and iLOQ P50S.1 programming fob
  • Access list for access
  • Blocking list for lost keys
  • Internal log with timestamp (can be configured on / off)
  • Supports time constraints
  • Can be configured for online authentication to open
  • Reprogrammable with Android phone, iPhone 7 or later (iOS13) or K50S (Fob)
  • Firmware can be updated in the padlocks
  • 15mm H50S.3 is available

    • In three shackle lengths 25mm or 60mm or 110mm
    • With user credentials needed to open and close only

Benefits & Features

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