iLOQ Cam Lock


The iLOQ S5 locking system offers advanced security and convenient access management for master-key locking environments.

The iLOQ cam lock has been developed to control and monitor access to objects like medicine cabinets, lockers and furniture.

The unique self-powered iLOQ C5S lock cylinder is powered by harvesting electricity generated by inserting the iLOQ K5S key. Being self-powered, the iLOQ C5S cylinder eliminates work, costs, waste and harm associated with battery-powered or cabled solutions. As no batteries or electric wiring are required, the cylinders and keys are easy to install and maintain, and it is an environmentally friendly ‘green’ solution. The communication between the cylinder and key is strongly encrypted using standardized powerful encryption methods. The mechanically identical shape of the iLOQ C5S cylinders enables flexible stocking and fast delivery. Mechanical and electronic strength are compliant with international standards.

The cylinder is programmed using a computer and iLOQ Programming key. The access rights of a key are erased upon return. The access rights to a cylinder can also be erased, and both may be reused, for instance in another locking system. An electronic key cannot be duplicated, and access rights to lost keys are easily blocked using a Programming key or another iLOQ S5 key via the D2D network. This maintains a high level of security and ensures a long lifecycle for the security solution. The cylinder records audit trail events.

Cam Lock C5S.5 (CS5.6)

  • Programmable electromechanical lock cylinder for the iLOQ S5 locking system
  • Self-powered: no batteries or external energy source required for the lock and key, and no need for cabling
  • Lock acts as an individual part of the sophisticated iLOQ device to device (D2D) network
  • All iLOQ C5S lock cylinders and iLOQ K5S keys are mechanically alike
  • Secured using powerful encryption methods; 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
  • Programmed using a PC and the iLOQ P55S.1 Programming Key
  • Easy to install, optional installation sets available
  • Standard 7x7mm cam shank
  • Blocklist for individual lost keys
  • Access group list for key accesses
  • Firmware updateable

Cam Lock C5S.5 (CS5.6) is available with

  • Indoor or outdoor versions
  • Real-time clock built in option
  • Varying front plates, installation sets and bolts according to environment

Benefits & Features

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