iLOQ S5 Standalone Door Module (includes SIM-card)


The Standalone Door Module is an independent device located in the vicinity of a door, and it controls devices installed on the door, such as a lock cylinder, an RFID/PIN reader, an electric lock, an electric strike plate, a magnet lock, and so on.The Door Module is connected to the iLOQ S5 server via a pre-installed 4G connection provided by iLOQ. The Door Module has several different use cases.

N501 Standalone Door Module Common Use Cases

  • Connecting a calendar-controlled electric lock
  • Connecting an RFID reader to control an electric lock
  • Connecting an RFID reader to control an alarm system
  • Connecting lock cylinders for remote management
  • Connecting an RFID/PIN reader to control an electric lock by a key and PIN code combination
  • Connecting a code-controlled electric lock
  • Updating, sharing and collecting lock and key information such as access rights, time profiles, log events and lists of blocked keys through a D2D network with an RFID/PIN reader N504 or N505
  • Door status monitoring


  • CYLINDERS — Cylinder connections for 1 cylinder
  • INPUTS - IN 1/IN 2 — Potential-free inputs have varying functions according to the selected operating mode
  • INPUTS - EXT — A potential-free contact information for conditional access rights
  • READER RS-485 — The reader bus controls the RFID/PIN reader N504 or N505
  • RELAY K1 — Relay output for controlling an external device
  • FAULT RELAY K2 – To allow fault information to be sent to an external system (option)
  • SIM card holder – Pre-installed SIM card for server connection

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