iLOQ Oval Cylinder


The self-powered iLOQ S5 is a next-generation locking system that replaces difficult-to-manage mechanical locks and electromechanical locks that depend on an external power source such as batteries. The highly encrypted system enables flexible and secure access management and maintains high security in demanding properties such as commercial real estate, office buildings and housing associations.

The iLOQ C5S lock cylinders get their energy from the motion of inserting the key into the lock cylinder. This eliminates the need for any type of batteries or cabling. Because no batteries are needed, maintenance and lifecycle costs are significantly lower than mechanical or battery-operated electromechanical locking systems.

The lock cylinders operate as part of the iLOQ D2D network, which makes it quick and easy to remove lost keys from the system, change access rights and track log events..

The iLOQ S5 product family covers door locks, padlocks and furniture locks, as well as the necessary fittings and mounting accessories.The iLOQ S5 can also be expanded into a remote access control system with iLOQ Online products.

Oval Cylinder C5S.1

  • Battery-free digital lock cylinder for iLOQ S5 locking system
  • Lock does not need batteries or cables
  • Powerful and secure AES256 encryption for common lock and key authentication
  • As part of the D2D network, it acts as an information receiver and data sharer
  • Initial programming via PC using the iLOQ P55S.1 programming key connected to the server
  • Lock can be set with access areas for lock groups or individual locks
  • Programmable lock opens with a compatible K5S key
  • Blocked list for single lost keys
  • Log memory for openings and opening attempts (timestamps with RTC)
  • Supports time constraints in the form of time profiles (with RTC)
  • Updatable firmwarele

Oval Cylinder is available with

  • Indoor or outdoor versions
  • Real-time clock built in option
  • Different tail pieces
  • Connectors
  • Nickel satin finish, brushed brass finish or polished brass finish

Benefits & Features

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