iLOQ NFC Oval Cylinder


The patented, award winning iLOQ S50 locking system offers advanced security and convenient access sharing capabilities for master-key locking environments. The iLOQ C50S Europrofile cylinders harvest electricity wirelessly from NFC field, which enables using phone not only as a key but also as a power source thus the lock is completely battery free. As no batteries are required, the locks are maintenance free and environmentally friendly green solution that eliminates work, costs, waste and harm associated with battery powered solutions.

The lock doesn’t have a keyway due to the contactless NFC operation. It is designed to be used in harsh environments where the locks are exposed to dust, moisture and varying temperature conditions ranging from extremely cold to hot weather.

The phone as a key enables flexible access sharing with time restrictions and audit trail reporting over the air. The security level is kept high and security gaps caused by lost key can be eliminated completely without costly change of locks and keys.

The cylinder is available in two different reader lengths; short and long. The short reader position can be adjusted 2 mm and the long reader 4 mm in 2 mm steps.

NFC Oval Cylinder C50S.1

  • Battery-free programmable electromechanical lock cylinder for iLOQ S50 locking system
  • NFC-powered: no batteries required for the lock
  • Opening with NFC enabled Android phone or iLOQ K50S Key Fob
  • Secured using powerful AES256 encryption and mutual authentication
  • Initial programming with PC and iLOQ P50S.1 Programming Token in connection to server
  • Access right list for access groups
  • Blacklist for individual lost keys
  • Internal audit trail record with time stamp (can be configured on/off)
  • Supports time restrictions
  • Can be configured to require online opening authentication
  • Re-programming with keys (Android phone or K50S Key Fob)
  • Firmware updateable

NFC Oval Cylinder is available

  • With a long or short reader

Benefits & Features

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