iLOQ S50 Annual License For Keys



The patented, award winning iLOQ locking system offers advanced security and convenient access management for master-key locking environments. Software as a Service (SaaS) operated iLOQ Manager enables advanced multisite programming, administration and management of iLOQ locks and keys in combination with the iLOQ programming device and Microsoft Windows based PC.

The iLOQ Manager provides high security functions and processes regarding data management of end customers’ locking system. The locking system encryption data is shared: The first encryption key of the locking system is solely defined by the end customer and stored only to the security token; the second encryption key is generated and stored to the locking system database. All lock and key programming operations requires the first and the second encryption keys to process programming tasks. This procedure ensures high system security. Only the end customer having the security token and login passwords to the locking system can program locks and keys of the system.


iLOQ S50 licenses for keys is available for

  • up to 50 keys
  • up to 200 keys
  • up to 500 keys
  • per 1,000 keys

Benefits & Features

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